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How even very complex logical reasoning can be achieved without programming

Logiak has special relevance for applications which need to use a lot of rule-based knowledge, such as in law or medicine.

A simple example of clinical logic

To show how Logiak is used to create advice-giving systems, look at the text above right.

This text is taken from the World Health Organization   recommendations: WHO Recommendations on Ante Natal Care

We will extract some recommendation about iron supplementation in pregnancy, - shown here in simplified form to the right - and we will show in the video how this logic is implemented in Logiak, without programming
In settings where anemia in pregnant women is a severe public health problem, a daily dose of 60mg is recommended

In the first and third trimesters, the Hb threshold for diagnosing anaemia is 110 g/L

In the second trimester, the threshold for diagnosing anemia is 105 g/L

If a woman is diagnosed with anaemia during pregnancy, her daily elemental iron should be increased to 120 mg until her Hb concentration rises to normal (Hb 110 g/L or higher).