Logiak in Law

Logiak has relevance to law because the capabilities of Logiak's ProcessLogic makes it an ideal tool with which to encode rules, including legal rules. Encoding rules is sufficient to obtain interactive systems capable of "executing" such rules. So if one wants to create an advice-giving system which, given case facts can advise on the possible legal conclusions (relative to a body of rules), Logiak is an ideal vehicle for doing so.

Legal Engineering a Reality

The most exciting thing about Logiak from a legal point of view is that lawyers can use it to create systems, without the need either to "learn programming" or to engage the services of expensive software companies.

Law, like healthcare, is a "high value domain" in which errors of interpretation can be very costly, yet such errors can easily creep in when a system is created in a two-step process by lawyers first specifying the rules for the system and secondly programmers implementing these rules.

Logiak permits rules to be encoded in a way which is natural for lawyers, without the lawyers having to learn intricacies of some nerdish programming language.