Digitalization of Vehicle Handover

Custom App in 30 minutes

To maximize the efficiency of a vehicle rental business, the acceptance/return processes need to be digitized.

An attractive App which is the heart of such a digitization, custom-tailored for specific requirements, can be created easily with Logiak.

Digitization can also be a transformation. With paper forms, indicating damage is haphazard.

Instead, by making use of photographs of the car, and of Logiak's image annotation capability, it can be made systematic and certain.

Vehicle handover as a Logiak Process

A Logiak App is assembled from Components. The key component for the Handover App is called PROCESS.

With a Logiak Process, it is easy to implement an interactive dialogue of the kind demanded by Handover.

Process steps can be user interactions (e.g. questions), background actions, or sections (groupings of steps)

Process steps which are user interactions can be grouped together in Screens.

Which screens might a handover app contain.. ?


Maybe you need to record the returner's contact information (e.g. if different from person who rented the vehicle)

Maybe you want to record the make and model of vehicle

To record possible damages to the vehicle, it is useful to have the ability to record photographs.

Using camera masks can help standardize the photographs, to ensure all of the car is covered.

The customer can sign to indicate the information given is correct.