No-code mobile data collection ... and way beyond!

Rapidly create and easily maintain native offline cross-platform data and decision systems.

Logiak is a no-code environment which uniquely combines intuitive app configuration with powerful decision logic and deployment management.

Logiak Interface

No-code App Building

Beyond Data Collection
Logiak goes way beyond data collection..

It is a general, cross-platform app builder for

- data management
- case management
- process automation

You need an App (or a multi-app data sharing system) when you want to do more than just collect data - when you want to design a database and have components with which it is possible to create, edit and delete the data and to present it usefully in various ways.

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To illustrate how easy it is to build a seriously useful app, we take as example here something topical: contact tracing.

The app has to be able to register contacts of active COVID cases and periodically update the information as these cases are monitored for symptoms.

No-code Decision Automation

Beyond App & System Building
Logiak goes way beyond what you might normally expect from a no code App Builder: it is a complete and incredibly powerful decision automation platform too!

Logiak's Process Logic is uniquely elegant way of empowering non-programming experts to encode their knowledge.

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What makes it so powerful? In short: it embodies a beautiful separation between procedural and declarative knowledge.

The power of Logiak's Process Logic makes it the best tool to use when confronted with tasks involving the

- formalization of clinical guidelines

- formalization of legal reasoning

We illustrate that here via a simple example, drawn from the latest WHO guidelines on ante-natal care.

Case study: nutrition data collection without words
Component customization
See how Logiak is being used to create and deploy an innovative health advice and data collection system among pastoralists of Samburu County, Northern Kenya.

Case Studies: Decision Support

With Logiak, complex clinical decision support systems are created and delivered by clinicians themselves. Evidence-based logic of care is implemented directly by them in Logiak. No programmers are needed to intervene between the doctor and  logic.

This is the best and sometimes it can seem the only way to create such systems.
HIV Pediatric Care

University of Maryland Baltimore have created DELPHICare, a system to improve the longitudinal care of HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children. DELPHICare:

.. advises on treatment; recommends drugs and dosages; guides counseling on adherence, disclosure, and nutrition; and recommends appropriate follow up.
Module assembly
MSF eCARE Program

Since 2014 clinicians within MSF have been using Logiak to create and maintain decision support systems within several countries of sub-saharan Africa. The aim of eCARE is:

.. to improve the quality of care for patients and foster the autonomy of frontline health care workers through guided decision-making, evidence-based diagnostics and prescription, enhanced learning processes, and clinical supervision

Logiak, as easy as 1,2,3...


Assemble components.

Module assembly

Customise the components

Component customization

Deploy apps you create.

App on mobile phone

01. Assemble components

Logiak components are not the usual low-level UI widgets, but rich functional templates which can be configured.

By doing what you would normally do to plan out an App - sketching out the flow of the App - with Logiak you actually create it!

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Assembly is fast
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Quick to modify
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Intuitive app flow designer

02. Customize components

One Logiak component in particular can be configured to do amazing things - the Process component. Programming without programming.

Complex logic and/or calculations
Read and write data from the database
Define sub-processes and pass parameters
Define test cases for algorithm validation and regression testing

Declarative logic

However complex the logic you need it can be achieved declaratively by building up definitions.

It is truly, beautifully "no code" when you can build up app logic by simply stating truths.

03. Deploy

Mobile, Web and Desktop

Apps created with Logiak can be delivered natively on various platforms, mobile, web and desktop

- Android
- iOS (iPhone and iPad)
- Web

Coming soon
- MacOS
- Windows
- Linux

For PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS plans, there are many deployment management features -
  • Each deployment has its own database
  • Define "context parameters" as a way of modifying Process logic depending on user context.
  • Arrange users in a group hierarchy and push specific versions to specific groups.

Team Collaboration.

Logiak supports multi-app systems sharing a distributed cloud database, with apps tailored for different user roles.

Illustration: Team collaboration

For us, scaling up operations requires automating quality controls and just-in-time advice to frontline workers so that we preserve our manager's bandwidth for responding to top priorities.

Logiak is already the connective tissue that makes this possible, and we know we are only scratching the surface. We are looking at other aspects of our operations, such as inventory management, and thinking about how to add decision support tools and streamline workflows.

- Chris Prottas, CEO, The Water Trust
“The ease-of-use for non-programmers, the ability to validate the logic, and the beautiful and customizable data are light-years ahead of the competition”

- Erica Layer, CEO, D-tree International
“Simply world-class”

- Dr. Douglas Watson, University of Maryland Institute of Virology

Software as a Service

No need for local infrastructure management.

Beautiful data

You design the data structures and thereby control the quality of the output

Data Sharing

Configure data sharing and individual editing and access rights for each user and role

Logic validation

Support for simulations and the creation of test cases to validate logic.

Deploy cross platform

Use your system with Android, iOS and web apps


Data available in standard formats facilitates connection of analytics solutions for quasi real-time analytics

Rapid Development Mode

Configuration changes can be viewed immediately on mobile device

Complex Workflows

Processes can be turned on and off depending on data context, permitting complex workflows to be implemented

Context dependent logic

Use context parameters to have your processes modify themselves according to users group or geographical location.

On-device charts and reports

One can define aggregate analyses of data for presentation on-device. Use PeriodPager to view analyses per given period.

Offline Working

Mobile apps deployed can function without connectivity and sync data as soon as connectivity becomes available

Processes and Subprocesses

Where some no-code builders have only forms, with logiak you can build user dialogues within genuine computational processes with parameters, and even have them call other processes.


Language variants
Multi-App systems
Users per App
(app editors)
Direct access to databases
Multiple Deployments
max. 2
max. 10
Network resources
max. 1
max. 200
Network & 200 MB upload
max. 3

Logiak vs. classic app development

It’s not a secret; building software the classic way is extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly. Logiak empowers your organisation to realise its goals without any programming knowledge or reliance on external developers. Build your system and quickly integrate changes, tweaks and upgrades yourself, in a pre-tested, user-friendly environment.

List Bullet
Low-cost development
List Bullet
Easy maintenance
List Bullet
Fluid scalablity
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List Bullet
Fluent and rapid development requiring only ability to think analytically - not programming experience
List Bullet
Reliant on in demand skills
List Bullet
Rapid development entails huge savings
List Bullet
Labour-intensive, very expensive
List Bullet
Built from common, well-used, robust components
List Bullet
Freshly written code is typically fragile
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Realize your ideas in an effective way
List Bullet
The vision gets bogged down in the implementation

Use cases

Access to justice advice-giving systems in law.
Clinical decision support and medical record systems.
Mobile data collection for government.
Field troubleshooting apps.
Internal collaboration and project management systems.
Quality process management system for manufacturing.
Mobile logistics management systems.