rapid mobile and web systems without coding.
logic / not coding. systems / not just apps.

You need a system incorporating some specific logic? Two challenges follow: 1. you need to communicate that logic clearly and unambiguously to a programmer 2. the programmer has to write some (imperative) code which somehow embodies your (declarative) logic. Neither are at all straightforward. Things can quickly get costly and remain fragile. Logiak offers a better way of achieving your goal.

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declarative logic / algorithms / decisions

Logiak allows you to bypass the two challenges by creating the system yourself. It allows you to express the declarative logic directly in a totally natural way. It is much quicker, less prone to errors of interpretation (the expert is in control of the logic, no programmer involved), more maintainable and fantastically cost-effective.

But can you really do a logically demanding task with this? Yes. As an example, read about University of Marylands implementation of the formidable logic of longitudinal HIV Care and Treatment: Delphicare.

About Delphicare

apps and systems

Logiak provides full-scope to build complete Apps, but we are also aware that real-world problems also require a further level of complexity. You may need not just an App but a system comprised of more than one App - Define different apps for different user roles in your project (Despatcher / Deliverer, Supervisor / Field worker, etc)

apps and systems
choose your backend

choose your backend

Logiak does not control your data, you do. Logiak supports you step by step to set up a backend of your choice. No prior knowledge required. Your data are 100% under your control and totally independent of Logiak, which makes Logiak lightweight and low-risk. Using Logiak with an existing database is possible.


attractive \ adaptive \ cross-platform \ multilingual

Roll-out to multinational teams by providing language variants and letting the user choose language at init. Exploit the display space available on each device by making the app adapt.

attractive \ adaptive \ cross-platform  \ multilingual
a world of processes

a world of processes

Not every application needs complex logic. There is a whole world of use-cases out there which can be easily and cost-effectively addressed with Logiak. Find out if yours is one of them, for free.. (see below)

project spaces /


$ zero

Personal use only. Device only, no backend


$ 35 per month

Individual account. Unlimited projects & end users.


$ 85 per month

Up to 5 people collaborating on projects.

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